About us

We are a true family of blacksmiths for generations.

Grandfather on all of our relatives have been running for this job keeping the tradition.

The new generations are not very directed towards this noble profession.

And unfortunately the traditional blacksmith is a craft that is facing extinction.

We carry on with pride this hard job because our passion is all !!!

The blacksmith is one that deals mainly with building and repairing metal objects as artifacts, railings, fences, gates, handrails, doors, stairs, locks and all that we do it with great skill.

With the new generation we have expanded our services by entering the supply and installation of PVC and aluminum thermal break with tax deduction certificate, armored glass doors, and more, on request, tailored

But the biggest pride for our company is Hercules, in our patent, the alarm for excellence !!! we also call it:

"Railing intelligent". Because it is an innovative protection system! one of a kind!

It 'a railing active and inviolable !!! Which guarantees maximum safety to your home!